Truth and Reconciliation for Evaluators


This course offers evaluators an opportunity to actively engage with Truth and Reconciliation. It covers the history and lasting impact of the Canadian Indian residential school system on Indigenous students and their families, and offers guidance on how evaluation practices can advance Truth & Reconciliation.

It was created through a partnership with Hotıì ts’eeda, and Indigenous evaluators Dr. Kim van der Woerd and  Sofia Vitalis of Reciprocal Consulting, an award-winning, Indigenous-run consulting firm specializing in evaluation and research.

Course Objectives:

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Recognize the truth and impact of racism and colonization on Indigenous peoples in Canada.
  • Recognize the ways colonial worldviews can affect the entire evaluation process.
  • Use principles of cultural safety to engage with evaluation clients throughout the whole evaluation process.
  • Use reflection to examine your practices and worldviews and take steps to practice active reconciliation.

This course will be offered four times per year and is limited to 25 people per cohort.

Cohort Language Registration Is Open Course Starts Course Ends
Summer 2022 English 1 – 22 June 2022 5 July 2022 22 Sept 2022
Fall 2022 English 29 Aug – 12 Sept 2022 26 Sept 2022 23 Nov 2022
Winter 2023 English 1 – 22 Dec 2022 12 Jan 2023 16 March 2023
Spring 2023 French 14 March – 4 April 2023 18 April 2023 June 22 2023

This course includes both self-paced material and mandatory reflection sessions. The course begins with a 1 hour live Zoom session where you are introduced to the course creators, course materials, and sets the stage for your Truth & Reconciliation journey. You then have three months to engage with the online course materials at your own pace. The course ends with a two-hour mandatory live (Zoom) reflection session.

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Estimated Time to Complete:  10 hours

Prerequisites: Prior knowledge of evaluation

Evaluation Competencies addressed: [x] reflective; [x] technical; [x] situational; [x] management; [x] interpersonal.

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