Report Redesign


Registration Open October 20, 2021 to November 19, 2021,
Course Begins November 22, 2021


Through a partnership with Ann Emery, a renowned and data viz guru the CES e-Institute is pleased to offer Report Redesign.  Through this course you will create reports that people actually read.  This software-agnostic graphic design course walks you through a step-by-step design process (Ann’s Report Redesign Pyramid). You’ll learn how to customize your visualization for your audience; choose the right chart for your message; declutter your visuals so that viewers’ attention is focused on the data; reinforce your branding with custom colour palettes and typography; and increase accessibility by ensuring that your visuals are legible for people with colour vision deficiencies.  Finally, you’ll learn to tell a story through dark colours (saturation), explicit titles, and call-out boxes (annotations).  The self-paced lessons  offer you the equivalent of a 2-day workshop (42+ video lessons) , plus you get access to 7 live trainings per cohort AND a year’s worth of live Office Hours, which take place almost every week.

Cost: $1,200.

Estimated Time to Complete:  about 20 hours with lifetime access to course materials.

Prerequisites: None

Evaluation Competencies addressed:  [ ] reflective; [X] technical; [] situational; [ ] management; [ ] interpersonal.

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