Evaluation Theories and Models


Too often, evaluation is conceptualized as the application of research methods associated with social sciences, in the absence of an overall theoretical framework.

Objectives:  Evaluation theories have emerged to fill that gap, allowing for a clear distinction between the general field of applied research and the specific field of evaluation research. Over time the evaluation field has embraced a growing number of different approaches stemming from different evaluation theories and models.  But what are these theories, models, and approaches, and what do these they mean for the practicing evaluator?  A greater appreciation of them can improve one’s evaluation practice by making an evaluator’s values more transparent and directing the selection of appropriate evaluation approaches.  This course will bridge the gap between evaluation theory and evaluation practice with a strong focus on practical application.

Estimated Time to Complete:  6 hours

Prerequisites: none

Evaluation Competencies addressed:  [ ] reflective; [X] technical; [X] situational; [ ] management; [ ] interpersonal.

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