• Essential Skills Series

    Objectives:  Participants will gain basic levels of knowledge, skill and appreciation with respect to the essential elements of evaluation, equipping them to enter and participate in the evaluation field and develop as…

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  • Survey Methods

    Surveys are one of the most commonly used methods in evaluations.

    Course Objectives:

    After completing this course, you will be able to:

    • Plan a survey based on the measurement objectives and…

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  • Evaluation Theories and Models

    Too often, evaluation is conceptualized as the application of research methods associated with social sciences, in the absence of an overall theoretical framework.

    Objectives:  Evaluation theories have emerged to fill…

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  • Essential Skills Series – Facilitated Cohort (French only)

    Please note: this course is currently only available in French.
    Click here to go to Série sur les compétences essentielles – Cohorte facilitée

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