• Essential Skills Series

    Want to learn the fundamentals of evaluation?

    This self-paced introductory course is for people new to program evaluation, or for people who have never taken an evaluation course.

    The course provides…

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  • Evaluation Theories and Models

    Learn how evaluation theory can improve your work!

    This self-paced offering is for people who understand the fundamentals of evaluation, but are not well versed in evaluation theory, models, or…

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  • Survey Methods

    This course provides step-by-step instructions for designing surveys, developing questions, preparing for the analysis of survey data, and reporting. A case study allows you to practice the concepts and…

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  • Survey Methods Plus

    About the Course

    Are you looking for individualized support to take your survey skills to the next level?

    This course offers a step-by-step approach to designing and deploying surveys and allows…

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  • Essential Skills Series – Facilitated Cohorts

    The e-Institute in partnership with CES Chapters offers the Essential Skills Series through facilitated cohorts in English and  French. Each cohort is offered over a 10 week period….

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  • Truth and Reconciliation for Evaluators

    This course offers evaluators an opportunity to actively engage with Truth and Reconciliation. It covers the history and lasting impact of the Canadian Indian residential school system on Indigenous…

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  • Introduction to Economic Evaluation

    This self-paced course helps evaluators understand four commonly used economic evaluation methods. You will learn about the key concepts underlying cost inclusive evaluations and will have ample opportunities to…

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  • Stats in Excel 1: Tidy Data Sets & Descriptive Statistics

    Learn how to set up your spreadsheets, clean your data, choose appropriate analyses, and conduct common descriptive statistics in Microsoft Excel.

    This self-paced course offers best practices and step-by-step instructions…

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  • Stats in Excel 2: Inferential Statistics

    Course coming soon!

    This facilitated course provides step-by-step instructions and best practices for performing common inferential statistical analyses using Microsoft Excel.

    More information on this course coming shortly.

    Course Objectives:

    By the end…

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  • Qualitative Analysis & Reporting

    Course coming soon!

    This course covers all aspects of qualitative data analysis including creating an analytic framework, creating a codebook, coding data, selecting software to analyze qualitative data, increasing the…

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