CES e-Institute

Learn anywhere, anytime, on any device, about evaluation!

The Canadian Evaluation Society (CES) is pleased to launch the e-Institute, an online, bilingual, professional development platform designed by and for evaluators. All evaluation courses in this learning catalogue are endorsed by the CES’s Board of Directors and align with the organization’s professional evaluation standards and competencies.

Our courses are designed in response to members’ articulated needs and have achieved the standard of quality for which the CES is known. The courses are informed by evidence-based practices in online adult learning and accessibility.

Learners will be issued an official, signed Certificate of Completion upon successful achievement of all course units and required learning activities. In addition, learners have the opportunity to download the list of references and weblinks used in each course.

The e-Institute catalogue includes courses which were produced by and for the CES. In addition, we have vetted a few select third-party courses (offered at no charge), which are top quality and meet CES' professional learning standards and will be relevant to those interested in evaluation practice.

A range of course topics are available - and more will be forthcoming - for all types of learners, including those who are:

  • advanced or beginning in the field of program evaluation;
  • interested in evaluation theory, practice or both;
  • seeking professional skills;
  • wanting self-directed learning;
  • looking for blended cohorts for group-work online or in-person - as scheduled by CES and its Chapters across Canada; and,
  • English or French (forthcoming).

CES welcomes your ideas on new and existing courses and is committed to continuous improvement. Contact us to discuss partnerships and custom courses.

Please contact the e-Institute Registrar at: registrar@evaluationcanada.ca